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Rewarding Your Daily for Holding Crypto in the Wallet

Do you face similar problems?


  • Do you want to work in the cryptocurrency market or actually you spend a lot of time there but you do not see effective results?
  • Are you tired of constant loging in to different crypto exchanges and limited ability to react to signals?
  • Would you like to make money on this market but you do not have enough experience?


Why we choose Cloud Wallet? 

At this point, we will write the most important points that prompted us to do so and we will write them out:

  • people representing this business with extensive experience from the world of cryptocurrencies, showing the transparency of the project
  • funds that are not blocked in any packages – permanent access to funds
  • increase in cryptocurrency rates causes the increase of portfolio value: bitcoin grows – higher profits
  • most of the users are in Asian countries – rapid development
  • the company is registered in Australia
  • earnings are in a token converted to ethereum – additional gain of its value as an increase in profit
  • commissions in the marketing plan come from partners’ earnings instead of their deposit
  • the company does not bear the initial costs of distributing the token and can effectively multiply the funds and pay accruals
  • transparency – possibility of reviewing transaction on blockchain


How the application is working?

– iOS / Android application for multiplying funds by keeping them in cryptocurrencies.

It gives us a possibility to earn on holding. By making the capital available for the arbitrage (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Doge), and then sending funds to the JAVRIS project, the company does the arbitrage and shares daily profits on that condition.

We can earn 6-12% per month from earnings from our deposit, and also on the marketing plan and increase of the value of the token.

How to register?


Pdf file – to be included
1. Go to the website: 
2. Download the app for iOS or Android
3. During registration enter the referral code
Referral code:

  1. Set up your password for loging in (minimum 8-digit) and pin for payouts (minimum 6-digit), write them down and then create account. Also save the 12-word seed password to protect and recover your funds when you lost your phone or in any other case. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! If you forget or lose those passwords, you will never have access to your account!
  2. In order to make a deposit you need to have CRYPTOCURRENCIES. You can buy them at some crypto exchanges (e.g. Coinbase) for USD/GBP/EUR.

After you set up your wallet, you choose a cryptocurrency that you want to deposit (e.g. BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE, USDT) and send the amount you want.

  1. Once you deposit a cryptocurrency to the wallet, you can start the arbitrage and send them to JARVIS AI.

In order to start arbitrage:

– choose: PROJECTS

– clock on JARVIS AI

– configure 2-factor authentication using Google Authenticator (link for instruction)

– send your crypto for arbitrage

After 24 hours from deposit in Jarvis, you will get your first earnings from arbitrage in Cloud tokens.

What is Cloud TOKEN?

Reward Token – These are not tokens that can be bought in advance, ICO or tokens that can be mined. They only serve for payouts and there are 1 billion of them. Neither one owner nor any one from the technical team has one – that is very important factor.

They are paid on the basis of:

A: our deposit – calculation from our contribution (approx. 6-12% monthly)
B: due to remuneration in the marketing plan (marketing plan later)

Only for people who use the application and have a deposit made in JARVIS

A big plus is the fact that the main market for this business is the Asian market, which is characterized by the fact that it prefers capital holding and quick expansion of the business, which increases the value of the token as shown by the example of a similar project, where a token went from $0.40 to even $70-80!

A similar tendency is observed here, where the value has grown by over 10% within a few days.

Therefore, some people will take a strategy to cash tokens into ethereum and pay out, and a large part will be simply holding it.

In fact, the company has created a token that is cost-free and through the growth of the community, its price also increases.


There is one simple commission system – we do not get money from the capital of our referrals, but only from what they earn on arbitrage.

For example, if my sponsor has registered me to this project, I get earnings of approx. 0.3% per day from this deposit – let it be 10 tokens – then my sponsor also receives 10 tokens.


Attention! We get bonuses from the team if our portfolio has a minimum value of $500 and our partners has a minimum of $500, so it is worth paying more if we deposit in Bitcoin, because its value may fall. If our deposit value drops one day below $500, we do not receive commission from our partners in that day. Thus recommended to deposit $550-600.

I line

in this case, we get 100% of the earnings of our directly registered person (if he receives 10 tokens, we have 10 tokens as well)

II line

  it is 50%, that is, if the person under our direct referral received for example 10 tokens, we will receive 5 tokens

III-21 lines

– 5% of from every the earnings of every referral

It seems a lot, but let’s remember that we get rewards in a token that does not cost anything to the company, and when they grow naturally with the development of the community, our portfolio value will also increase.


Join to the group and also get BONUS!

Contact us

If you leave your contact, we will send you all the necessary information about the functionality of the Software and the whole project behind it, as well as information about additional Bonuses you can get as part of the cooperation and the possibility of receiving a commission from the license sale of this software!


Artur Liwocha

Artur Liwocha


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